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What are Publicly Accessible Contracts and How can they Benefit Me?

Publicly Accessible Contracts (PAC) are Cooperative Contracts that can be utilized by public bodies and private organizations. These contracts resulted from solicitations that were publicly posted for maximum competition. Each contract has been negotiated on behalf of other public bodies and includes clauses that address payment terms and future goods and services. Prices cannot be raised by the vendor and other terms and conditions can be negotiated if desired. State colleges and universities nationwide, receiving any type of government funding, can use and benefit from the negotiated terms of these agreements.

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Special Notes Regarding the Preferred Contractor Agreement

  • Contract Number: UVA1161173
  • Supplier Number: 107804
  • SWaM Certification Number: 655195
  • Original agreement was implemented by the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia in September, 2011 and then renewed in April, 2014 through 2016.
  • The organization in Virginia is VASCUPP (Virginia Association of State College and University Purchasing Professionals) and can be found at the following website
  • Agreement eliminates need for extended bid process of writing and developing RFPs, obtaining 3 bids along with bid evaluations. Agreement provides a cost negotiating feature for selecting the Preferred Scope of Work & Preferred Contractor rather than being required to accept the lowest price submitted.
  • Negotiated Discounts from suppliers/manufacturers equipment and parts for establishing ‘Best Practice & Pricing’ purchasing model and includes factory assembled cooling tower manufacturers including Baltimore Aircoil (BAC), Evapco and Marley (SPX). Discounts can vary by geographical location and can be negotiated by each facility individually.
  • Fixed negotiated labor rates for three (3) different skill sets (based on Region):
    • Project Manager/Safety/Supervision
      • Over 10 years of training including classroom, hands on field work, OSHA & field application. Certification in fields of completion on file.
    • Technician
      • Over 5 years of classroom & field training with available certification in fields of completion on file.
    • Apprentice
      • Less than 3 years of classroom and field training but enrolled in continuing education and field training programs both from CTHX and cooling tower manufacturers.
  • No mark up on equipment/parts for repairs, refurbishments, & replacements.
  • Generation of RFP’s for each institution and each project provided at No Charge.
  • Classroom training provided to existing maintenance personnel on type of towers, operation and areas to inspect when performing annual inspections/pre-cooling/pre heating seasons start up.
    • Classroom Completion Certificate Issued to Attending personnel.
    • Colleges and Universities may be able to issue CEU’s to attending personnel.

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