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Cooling Tower Efficiency Training Seminar

This is educational presentation on Cooling Tower Basics that includes critical and current information regarding Cooling Towers and the industry.

  • Cooling Tower Terms and Definitions
  • Types of Cooling Towers
  • Cooling Tower Selection Criteria
  • Materials of Construction
  • Maintenance Recommendations
  • Cooling Tower Applications and Controls
  • Cooling Tower Capacity Controls and Recommendations
  • Filtration Solutions for Cooling Towers
  • CT/HX Cooling Tower Efficiency Training Seminar


Please click on a subject below for samples of the slides from our educational presentations.

In addition, we can also provide training on any of these subjects:

  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Condenser Water Filtration
  • Water Treatment
  • Filtration
  • Heat Exchanger Design
  • Safety Concerns regarding Cooling Towers

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