CT/HX new Cooling Tower Blog Sets up Shop as “The Cool!”


Announcing “THE COOL”

Hello and welcome to our new blog. My name is Mike Morin, President of CT/HX, and I will be the host of “The Cool” for your reading pleasure. “The Cool” is where you’ll find the latest and greatest news on everything about Cooling Towers and Heat Exchangers. From new product and service updates to informative industry topics that will keep you in “The Cool.” We promise to try and keep it more interesting than a window shaker A/C unit user manual.

So what makes CT/HX a good source for your industry news? Well we as a company and its Team Members have a very high number of years of experience (okay, it’s really high, but who wants to know how old we really are?). With all these years of experience, we have run into almost every scenario you and your facility team may encounter when it comes to the cleaning, maintenance, repairs or service of your Cooling Towers and Heat Exchangers or other related equipment. Hopefully with this experience, you will find we can help provide a solution to a any issues you may be experiencing. Even with all of these years of experience, we admit that we’re old dogs, but we do have the ability to learn new tricks and maybe you can share some of your experiences — good and bad — with us via feedback. We can always be reached at the email below and would look forward to sharing your experiences as well.

Topics we’re planning to cover in the near future include: Coating Options, Filtration and OSHA Safety Standards for Cooling Tower Operators. So please bookmark this blog, email it to a friend or colleague and let’s keep the news Cool at CT/HX.

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